“Keystone” Division celebrates 133rd Birthday

Question: What is the oldest U.S Army division?

Answer: The 28th Infantry Division

The 28th Infantry Division, or the “Keystone” Division is a unit of the Army National Guard and is the oldest division-sized unit in the U.S Army. The division was officially established in 1879 and was later re-designated as the 28th Division in 1917, after the entry of America into the First World War. It continues its service today as part of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard.

Elements of the 28th have participated in all major world conflicts – from the Revolutionary War to Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom, to a myriad of contingency operations around the world.

Today, the 28th is one of the most deployed National Guard Divisions in the United States Army.  Division Soldiers have served and continue to serve in Iraq, Afghanistan, Europe, the Sinai, Kosovo and Bosnia.