“America’s Game” – 2011 Army/Navy Game Trivia


As we get closer to one of the biggest college rivalries in sports, the 2011 Army Navy Game, let’s see how much you know about the history of “America’s Game.” As always, leave your answers in the comments section and check back tomorrow for the results.

1) The rivalry began in 1890 when United States Military Academy (or West Point) Cadet _Dennis Mahan Michie_ accepted a “challenge” from the U.S. Naval Academy.

2) In the 120-year history of the rivalry, the game has not been played only 10 times. Why were the games in 1917 and 1918 canceled (bonus points if you know why each of the ten games were canceled)? The games were canceled in 1917 and 1918 during World War I on orders from the War Department.

BONUS: 1909 – Army canceled its entire schedule after the death of Cadet Eugene Byrne in the game against Harvard.

1928 and 29 – Academies could not agree on player eligibility standards 

1894-1898 –  Following a reputed incident between a Rear Admiral and a Brigadier General, which nearly led to a duel after the 1893 Navy victory, Army and Navy were restricted to home games and, consequently, from playing each other.

3) The below Army/Navy program cover is from what year? 1944.

4) Who was the first President to attend an Army/Navy game and which team won the game that year? President Theodore Roosevelt  (1901). Army won the game, 11-5.

5) What are the names of the five players from USMA and USNA that have won the Heisman Trophy?

6) Army and Navy was invited to play the inaugural game at Chicago’s Soldier Field in 1926, which was built in honor of those killed in World War I.

BONUS: Which team will WIN this year’s Army/Navy game?

The West Point Black Knights, of course!

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GO Army/BEAT Navy!