Unified Quest 2012

Unified Quest (UQ) is the Army Chief of Staff’s annual Title 10 Future Study Plan (FSP) designed to examine issues critical to current and future force development. It is the Army’s primary mechanism for exploring enduring strategic and operational challenges and operations in the future environment. The annual study integrates issues and insights into concept and capability development programs through seminars, workshops, symposia, and wargames. Outcomes inform the Army, the Training and Doctrine Command, and ARCIC campaign plans, the Army Strategic Planning Guidance, and CSA initiative. In addition, the FSP develops regular input to Army Warfighting Challenges.

The UQ’s intent is to assist Army leaders to direct efforts to ensure the Army remains prepared for current operations while transitioning to a force prepared for national security challenge of 2018-2028.

Key Tasks include:

  • Evaluate the Army Concept Framework in alternative futures  for sufficiency and recommend revisions for subsequent concept updates
  • Examine and refine the Strategic Narrative for the Army based on a 2020 operational environment assessment and national strategy demands
  • Determine how to improve future Army capabilities for combined arms maneuver and wide area security in the context of Unified Operations and a strategy of prevention
  • Determine ways and means the Army can develop future enabling capabilities (e.g., robotics, operations energy) to meet operational demands in the 2018-2028 timeframe
  • Assess home station training and readiness challenges, and explore capabilities for a “revolution in training” for an adaptable Army fighting as part of a joint force in expeditionary conditions
  • Examine the issues and challenges in adaptability and “excellence in small tactical units”

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