Responsible Drawdown from Iraq

Third Army is the Department of the Army and Central Command logistical center of gravity for Responsible Drawdown from Iraq. Third Army is synchronizing equipment movement with key players from U.S. Forces-Iraq (USF-I), Air Force Central Command Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, Army Materiel Command and other DOD and CENTCOM components.

Third Army has successfully supported the movement of forces in and out of theater since the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom with a proven material enterprise system. Since July 1, 2009, Third Army has moved:
- hundreds of combat vehicles
- approximately 1,770 tons of ammunition and over one million items such as repair parts, barrier material, packaged petroleum products and general supplies worth approximately 90 million dollars from Iraq to Afghanistan.
- over 22,000 containers and 8,200 vehicles to retrograde facilities.

On Aug. 1, Third Army created ARCENT Support Element – Iraq, a team of specialists that accomplishes the task of responsibly drawing down forces and equipment from Iraq while concurrently building force structure in Afghanistan and throughout the CENTCOM area of operations. Third Army has currently processed approximately 23 percent of USF-I items including tanks, trucks, ammunition, repair parts and oil lubricants from Iraq.

Third Army is partnered with AMC’s Retrograde and Reset Task Force to integrate the number of transportation platforms to provide the continued deployment and sustainment capabilities required by CENTCOM. Third Army operations will continue to be the linchpin in responsibly moving forces and equipment out of the Iraq theater and on to the U.S. or wherever needed by capitalizing on the eight years of experience providing sustainment support to forces conducting full spectrum operations in the CENTCOM area of responsibility.

According to Lt. Gen. William G. Webster, commanding general of Third Army- “This is an enormous task, unprecedented in modern military history, but we have a well thought out plan and the synergy and cooperation of our many teams involved that will ensure we anticipate and are prepared to meet all requirements for U.S. CENTCOM and our Army.”

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