U.S. Army Trivia – Name that Motto


What time is it? It’s Army Trivia time!

How are we testing your Army knowledge today? We want to pick your brain to learn how much you know about Army mottos. But not just the popular ones (i.e. Tropic Lightning or Rangers Lead the Way).

So, put on your Army history thinking cap and “ALLONS” (French for “Let’s Go!” ):

“Old Ironsides” – 1st Armored Division


1) “Hell on Wheels”

2) “Seek, Strike, Destroy”

3) “Rough Riders”

4) “Pacific Victors”

5) “Essayons”

6) “Roll On”

7) “Fury From the Sky”

8) “Rendezvous With Destiny”

9) “Live Free Or Die”

10) “Proud Americans”


As Always, Good Luck!