U.S. Army Environmental Command turns the BIG 4-0!


For 40 years, the U.S. Army Environmental Command has served as home to the Army’s experts in environmental restoration and compliance, natural and cultural resources, pest management, and environmental management and technology.

Established in 1972, USAEC sole job was to manage the safe demilitarization of chemical weapons. Now, the command protects the ability of Army installations to fulfill their training mission. USAEC is also home to the Army’s environmental experts, providing steadfast support and expertise in environmental restoration and compliance, natural and cultural resources, pest management, threatened and endangered species, environmental management, geographic imaging systems and many other disciplines, as well as by identifying new technology designed to address or prevent environmental issues.


And while the acronym, USAEC is obvious to many, to Col. Mark A. Lee, commander of USAEC, the A-E-C stands for how the command serves the Army:


A – ACKNOWLEDGE the Past by remediating Army lands to usable condition, and preserving and protecting cultural and historical resources;

E – ENGAGE the Present by meeting environmental standards, enabling Army operations, and protecting Soldiers, Civilians and Families, and

C – CHART the Future by implementing best environmental practices, institutionalizing the  use of technology and ensuring future environmental resiliency.

“As USAEC enters its fifth decade of service to the Army, we remain steadfast to its mission,” said Lee.  “We continue to serve as the environmental experts supporting our Soldiers and Families by finding environmental solutions that enable mission readiness for the Army.”

Visit the U.S. Army Environmental Command website at http://aec.army.mil/usaec to learn more about USAEC history. Also, be sure to check out USAEC’s social media sites for great environmental tips.

Happy Birthday!