Jon Zagami Proves Disabled Veterans Add Value in the Workplace

Today’s blog post is an excerpt from a blog from the U.S Army’s Warrior’s Transition Command. Read below how one former Soldier adds value to the workplace.

Jon Zagami

Jon Zagami’s story is one that serves as a model for employers. As a Veteran living with physical injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and a traumatic brain injury (TBI), he can recall a time when he laid in a hospital bed and wondered if he would ever walk again.

Today, Zagami is a leader on his team at Caterpillar Financial, working on the company’s most difficult portfolio. He motivates his peers, demonstrates hard work, and gets results. But in looking back to a time when he was searching for a job, Zagami says he worried about how to convey to employers that he could add value to the workplace despite his injuries.

“One of the biggest questions in my mind was, how am I going to explain to people that I left the Army because of injuries?” he said. “And you know, looking at it from an employer’s perspective, I understand that it sounds scary, and a lot of questions arise.”

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