Giving Thanks to our Servicemembers EVERYDAY


While many of us will be spending time our Family, Friends and loved ones this Thanksgiving, many Soldiers and servicemembers will spend their Thanksgiving holiday deployed around the world and in combat zones fighting and sacrificing overseas to preserve  our national traditions and freedoms. But even while deployed , Soldiers, like Capt. Chaplain Scott Norman, finds time to send his wife and others a very special holiday greeting:

This Thanksgiving holiday and EVERYDAY we honor our Soldiers and servicemembers for their service and dedication to our Army and our Nation.

The Strength of our Nation is our Army

The Strength of our Army is our Soldiers

The Strength of our Soldiers is our Families

This is what makes us “Army Strong!”

Be sure to check out Defense Video and Imagery Distribution System (DVIDS) for other Thanksgiving greetings from our servicemembers around the world.