Friends of the Army

This week, I am honored to talk about our “Friends of the Army.”

“Friends of the Army” are the countless individuals and organizations who have stepped forward to support our Soldiers, veterans and their families over the last decade.  To me, this support is more than just patriotism; it is

Hiring our Heroes program

the genuine kindness, generosity and compassion that you find in the heart of true friends.  I’m impressed by those citizens who have stepped up to be a true friend to the men and women who wear this uniform.

As far back as the Revolutionary War, I have found stories of those who cared for the families of Soldiers, tended to the injured and provided for the veterans.  They did this for no other reason than pride and love of country.  In wartime and in peace, these friends step forward to tell our men and women in uniform, “We have your back.”

Still today, every day, our “Friends of the Army” recognize the sacrifice our Soldiers and our families make.  They encourage our Soldiers with care packages and care for the special needs of our wounded warriors.  Our Soldiers know, every single day, the American people have their backs.

To tell their story, Army Live will feature a weekly blog informing our “Friends of the Army” about issues affecting our Soldiers, Veterans and their Families and highlighting how our Army friends are serving their communities and our Army Family.

As impressed as I am by these selfless acts, I am even more impressed by the many times people reach out and ask, “How can I help?”.  This blog will highlight our “Friends of the Army” who are out there serving their communities and our Army Family.

I encourage everyone to share their stories with us – tell your Army Story.

Blog post submitted by COL Scott Bleichwehl, director, Community Relations Division, Office of the Chief of Public Affairs