Army-NFL Initiative

The U.S. Military Academy hosted a joint panel discussion with the Army and NFL Aug. 30 to promote cultural change on traumatic brain injury, Soldier-athlete awareness and reducing the stigma caused by seeking treatment for concussions and other brain-related injuries. Photo by Tommy Gilligan/U.S. Military Academy


The Army and the NFL last week announced a long-term initiative to inform and educate our Soldiers and Players about traumatic brain injuries.  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and I kicked off the effort at West Point.  We joined a panel of Soldiers, Players, and health professionals to talk about how we have and will continue to tackle the challenges associated with TBI – namely prevention and reporting.  You can watch the entire panel here:

Commissioner Goodell and I signed a joint letter to Soldiers and NFL Players cementing the initiative and highlighting that:

Our organizations share common traits: pride and passion, dedication and determination, and an enduring belief in the power of team.  On a personal level, there is mutual respect, appreciation, and admiration between Soldiers and Players.  While the execution of our crafts is fundamentally different, these traits make America’s Soldiers and NFL Players who they are and the best at what they do.

With this initiative, we are seeking to integrate the uncompromising devotion to win with a need to address traumatic brain injures with the necessary care, consideration, and commitment to prevention that these injuries require.

I am absolutely committed to this initiative, and I am excited about what we can accomplish together.  You can learn more by visiting the Army’s Traumatic Brain Injury site.

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