Celebrating Religious Diversity


The U.S. Military is a diverse force with a long history of accommodating and facilitating the religious practices of our service members. In keeping with this legacy, the Pentagon Chaplain’s office will host an Iftar for the Pentagon Muslim community, today, in the Pentagon Library and Conference Center.

An Iftar is an evening meal after sunset when Muslims break their fast after Ramadan. Traditionally, a date or water is the first thing consumed when breaking the fast. During Iftar, scriptures from the Qu’ran are recited, a customary meal is served.

The Department of Defense (DoD) values the faith and practices of all faith groups among its personnel. Providing religious accommodation to our employees sustains a strong, resilient DoD family, according to Lt. Col. Kenneth R. Williams Jr, Pentagon Chaplain’s Office.

In the following video is Maj. Jalaluddin A. Malik, an officer in the U.S. Army and a Muslim. He shares his thoughts of religious accommodation within the military.