U.S. Army Social Media Handbook – 3rd Edition


June 2012 Army Social Media Handbook

The Office of the Chief of Public Affairs and the Online and Social Media Division are pleased to announce the release of the third version of the Army’s Social Media Handbook.

This edition of the Social Media Handbook includes new sections about Facebook Timeline, the Army Public Affairs Portal, social media page registration and the social media directory. It also explains proper social media use during M.I.A. and K.I.A. situations and breaks down the details of the ALARACT addressing Army operations Security (OPSEC) training for external official presence sites. The Social Media Handbook includes a section titled, “So you think you need a social media presence,” in addition to updated screenshots, operational examples and examples of social media use by Army leadership.

Need additional social media tools? Visit the Army’s Official Slideshare site to view and download social media strategies, best practices and products to help you continue to tell your story via social media.

As always, we want to hear from YOU! What  information do you think we missed? What information was “spot on?” Share with us your comments, questions and/or concerns about our new handbook!