Remembering All Vietnam Veterans

A Tomb Sentinel from the Old Guard passes in front of the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington National Cemetery.


Marking the beginning of the summer vacation season, Memorial Day weekend is typically a time of backyard barbeques and cul-de-sac baseball games.  While those of us at home enjoy these simple pleasures, let’s be sure to remember what Memorial Day is really all about: this is a day when we honor all those who died in service to our Nation, securing our freedom and guaranteeing our way of life.

This Memorial Day marks the beginning of the commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War, which will last through Veteran’s Day 2025.  I’d like to take this opportunity to offer my sincere gratitude to all those who sacrificed for our country during that difficult time.  The rows of names inscribed in the black marble of the Vietnam Memorial stand in silent testimony to the valor, courage, and selflessness of those who answered our Nation’s call.

Of those that returned from the war, many stayed within the Army.  With their leadership and dedication, the Army transformed into the All Volunteer Force we know today.  We are, without question, the world’s greatest fighting force.

Others left the Army, but have continued to support our Soldiers.  Countless Vietnam Veterans have honored their present-day comrades in arms as they returned from difficult deployments in the sands of Iraq and the unforgiving terrain of Afghanistan.  Their encouragement, support, and understanding are appreciated by our Soldiers.

On behalf of those serving in the Army today, I thank all Vietnam Veterans for their service and sacrifice.  We are sincerely honored and humbled by the unwavering support you continue to give to our troops and our Nation.

Finally, let’s remember there are 6000 service members who have given their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan.  As you celebrate this holiday please keep in your prayers the 94,000 soldiers currently deployed, as well as their families.

The Strength of our Nation is our Army

The Strength of our Army is our Soldiers

The Strength of our Soldiers is our Families

This is what makes us “Army Strong!”