“Continuing the Legacy” – Women in the Army


From the American Revolutionary War to the present Global War on Terrorism, women have served a vital role in the U.S. Army. Ever since Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley (“Molly Pitcher”) replaced her husband when he collapsed at his cannon, women have continually proven that the narrow stereotype, limiting their choice of occupation, was wrong. As women expanded into different roles in the U.S. Army, it’s clear that the heart of a warrior is not limited to one gender.

One of these female warriors is Brig. Gen. Laura J. Richardson. Gen. Richardson was recently promoted to Deputy Commanding General, 1st Cavalry Division, Fort Hood, Texas. She is the FIRST female to serve as a division deputy commander.

Brig. Gen. Laura Richardson is the first female to serve as deputy commander for a U.S. Army division


Women have served in the United States Army since 1775. They nursed the ill and wounded, laundered and mended clothing, and cooked for the troops in camp on campaign; services that did not exist among the uniformed personnel within the Army until the 20th Century.

Women are an invaluable and essential part of the Army. Currently, women serve in 91 percent of all Army occupations and make up about 14 percent of the Active Army. Women continue to have a crucial role in the War on Terrorism and their sacrifices in this noble effort underscore their dedication and willingness to share great sacrifices.