Army Transition – Connecting Soldiers with Job Opportunities


Our Soldiers, Veterans, and Families face a number of challenges transitioning from military to civilian life; among these is finding a productive post-military career. We have a responsibility to ensure our transitioning personnel have the support they need and deserve prior to separating, and are career ready to enter the civilian workforce.

Master Sgt. Robert Zuch speaks with Army Career and Alumni Program counselor Maria Stephens during his appointment at the ACAP office on the Shopping Center Kaserne in Heidelberg, Germany.

We have conducted multiple transition studies and determined there was a need to better prepare our Soldiers for post-military service, as well as to enhance opportunities to connect Soldiers with the private industry. As a result, we published a new Transition Policy in August 2011 and later an Execution Order to focus on immediate transition policy actions. We also are supporting the White House Employment Initiative and the Department of DefenseDepartment of Veterans Affairs (DOD-VA) Veterans Employment Initiative Task Force (TF) to develop a new transition training and services delivery model to maximize the career readiness of all Service members. The TF Implementation Plan will follow in the next couple of months with detailed recommendations.

The Army and TF reviewed employment applications where Service members can connect with private industry employment opportunities. The Army has selected the Hero 2 Hired (H2H) employment application/tool to provide one primary location where Soldiers of all components, Veterans, and Family Members can connect with private industry employment opportunities. This application is web-based and able to translate military occupational skills (MOS), provide career path exploration, upload resumes, allow customized job searches, enable employers to also search for Veterans, and provide performance metrics. H2H will eventually be included on eBenefits, the single portal for transition benefits

We encourage every Soldier to start using the H2H application as they prepare for transition. We expect leaders at all levels to continue to reinforce our commitment to Soldiers in the transition process by providing them with the training and tools to enable their success in post-Army life.