Loyalty. Honor. Patriotism. African-Americans in the U.S. Army

For more than two hundred years, African-Americans have participated in every conflict in United States history. They have not only fought bravely the common enemies of the United States but have also had to confront the individual and institutional racism of their countrymen.

— Lt. Col. [Ret] Michael Lee Lanning, author, “The African-American Soldier: From Crispus Attucks to Colin Powell.”

African-Americans in the U.S. Army


February is African American/Black History Month, a time during which we honor the many contributions made to our country by African Americans. This years commemoration continues the tradition of excellence started by Dr. Carter G. Woodson, by honoring black women in American history and culture who have played a vital role in the history of our nation and our Army since the American Revolution.

Their patriotism, loyalty and leadership, coupled with their labor, intellect and artistic expression, have enriched the African American community and the nation at large. In slavery and freedom, their struggles have been at the heart of the human experience, and their fight against racism and sexism serve as a testament to their perseverance to overcome adversity.

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