Army Facebook Page gets a Facelift


The U.S. Army has made social media news, again…

U.S. Army NEW Facebook Page

…this time for being one of the first organizations to change to the NEW Facebook Page. The new interface will change the way fans engage and interact on the site.

“New Facebook Pages give government agencies, lawmakers, and political campaignsmore engaging ways to tell their stories, and we’re excited to see branches of the U.S. military leading the way. We’re eager to see others join the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard in embracing new Pages to better to connect with citizens, provide information, and deliver services,” said Joel Kaplan, Vice President-U.S. Public Policy, Facebook.

One of the unique aspect of the new page is the ability to add significant events or “milestones” to your “timeline.” This feature allows Facebook audiences to choose a particular date and time and learn about the Army’s rich history (a BIG thank you to the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center for assisting with the project). The timeline includes senior leaders, Army campaigns and even the best program covers from past Army/Navy games.

“The Army’s rich and dramatic history is a story written by Americans, serving in times of peace and war, creating the strong Army of today.  The Army is proud to portray our history via Facebook’s new Page feature. We are excited to be one of the first to create to this and we hope that more people will want to connect with their Army and contribute their stories as we continue to serve as our Nation’s decisive force,” said Army Col. Thomas Collins, Deputy Chief of Army Public Affairs.

Check out our Facebook Page and tell us what you think!