Raven, Hunter, Gray Eagle … Oh my!

The entire Army UAS fleet gathered together today, along with the Apache Longbow and Kiowa Warrior in tow, to demonstrate a new aviation capability that will forever change the way manned and unmanned vehicles interact on the battlefield.

Introducing the Manned Unmanned Systems Integration Capability Exercise, better known as MUSIC – a large-scale “five years in the making” hybrid aviation exercise, coordinated through Project Manager (PM) Unmanned Aircraft Systems, PM Apache and PM Armed Scout Helicopter, headquartered at Redstone Arsenal, Ala.

More than 150 civilians and contractors have been working for three weeks at Dugway Proving Ground, Utah, in preparation for today’s demonstration to more than 350 Army, Air Force, Navy and industry leaders.

Demonstrating Manned-Unmanned Teaming and Interoperability through the 1.5 hour-long exercise will be the key take-away as it will illustrate the Army’s commitment to providing Army aviators and operators with the most lethal weapon on the battlefield – that is, sharing information quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, leaders were given an up-close and personal view of these aerial giants – it’s not every day the entire Army UAS fleet gets together for a family reunion!

Project organizers are planning on conducting a similar exercise, like MUSIC, every couple of years that will introduce new aviation capabilities to the battlefield.

But not all the conversations had centered around technology, inquiring minds wanted to know how some of the UAV’s got their name – see clip below!

Nevertheless, it was a beautiful, clear day for watching the Army’s premiere aviation fleet take the skies like never before.  Army Strong!

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Blog post submitted by Samantha Reho, Public Affairs Specialist, Office of the Chief of Public Affairs