Test your Army Knowledge – The Purple Heart

Today marks the 229th anniversary of the Purple Heart. How much do you know about this award for valor? Check out the trivia questions below and see how well you do!

1) Until 1931, the Purple Heart was known as the _________________.

2) What three words are inscribed on the reverse side of the Purple Heart?

3) Per surviving records, what were the names of the three noncommissioned officers that received the original honor badge (Purple Heart)?

4) After its disuse following the Revolution, on what significant day was the Purple Heart revived?

5) What year was the Purple Heart extended for use by all services?

6) The Purple Heart is ranked immediately behind the ____________ in order of precedence among the personal awards.

Do you have the right answers? Check your answers and learn more about the Purple Heart at http://www.history.army.mil/html/reference/purhrt.html.

Good Luck!