Media/Bloggers Roundtable: Army Discusses New Network Strategy


Join us for a media/bloggers roundtable  with Gen. Peter Chiarelli, Army Vice Chief of Staff; Lt. Gen. Susan Lawrence, Army CIO/G-6; Maj. Gen. Keith Walker, Commander, Brigade Modernization Command; Col. John Morrison, Director, LandWarNet Battle Command as they discuss  how the Army is fundamentally changing how it supplies Network capabilities to deployed Soldiers and across the Army enterprise.

Vice Chief of Staff of the Army, GEN Peter Chiarelli

Monday, May 23

12:45 EST

These changes in the network will affect nearly every aspect of how the Army builds, manages and sustains the Network and the capabilities it provides.

“The Network, and the business processes that support it, must be flexible and adaptive enough to permit easy integration of new capabilities and innovative and emerging technologies,” Chiarelli said. “Our old processes do not keep up with the rapid pace of changing technologies and do not support our Soldiers in harm’s way.”

Topics will include:

.     Army’s number one modernization priority is the network

.     Importance of network capability to the Soldier — from small unit operations through brigade formation and onto enterprise network

.     Creation of a better business model to ensure quick tech insertion

.     Modernizing the tactical edge and transitioning to capability set management

.     Linkage of capability set management and Network Integration Evaluation (NIE)

.     Starting in June, semi-annual NIEs are designed to integrate and mature the Army’s tactical network

.     Common technical standards for both Network infrastructure and applications

.     Implementing a single, standardized, secure network.

Ultimately, the new approach to the Network will enable the Army to become more agile, more adaptive and more lethal — redefining how the force executes its missions across the entire spectrum of operations.

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