Bloggers Roundtable: NCO’s in the Combat Zone

Join us for a blogger’s roundtable to discuss Non-commissioned officers and the importance of staying focused in a combat zone and avoiding complacency.

Command Sgt. Maj. Joseph R. Allen, Command Sergeant Major, United States Forces-Iraq

Command Sgt. Maj. Joseph R. Allen, Command Sergeant Major, United States Forces-Iraq, will join us from Camp Victory in Baghdad, Iraq to discuss how NCO’s stay focused in a combat zone, and are accomplishing the mission to advise, train, assist and equip in Iraq. As the mission in Iraq draws to a close, it’s important for NCO’s to continue to aggressively enforce standards and fight complacency. By remaining a disciplined and well-trained force, we will save lives and provide the best possible role-model for the Iraqi Security Forces.

Thursday, April 28

10 a.m. ET

September 1, 2010 marked the beginning of Operation New Dawn and the next chapter of the military mission in Iraq. Many of our shared goals are with reach, but there is still important work to be done. Through the actions of our military, we will demonstrate our nation’s long-term commitment to the Iraqi people and set the conditions for an enduring strategic partnership with a sovereign, stable, self-reliant and unified Iraq. CSM Allen will speak on the following topics:

STRENGTHEN THE IRAQI SECURITY FORCES — The ISF have the lead in securing their country. Our role is to advise, train, assist and equip them so that they can provide internal security with a foundational capability to defend against external threats. Stand ready to assist the ISF, when requested, by providing enablers to facilitate their success. Support the ISF as they procure, field and integrate new equipment into their operations.

CONDUCT SUCCESSFUL TRANSITION – We are a team with the Embassy.  There can be no daylight between military and civilian efforts. We will also conduct a successful transition by supporting political inclusion and accommodation. At the local level, we will promote reconciliation from the ground-up. At the national level, we will do all we can to support the Iraqi people’s desire for and inclusive and representative government.

DEMONSTRATE INSPIRED LEADERSHIP – We work in a complex and unforgiving environment that demands inspired leadership at all levels. We all must live the Warrior Ethos and choose the harder right over the easier wrong, even when no one is watching. We must uphold honor and be guided, at all times and in all places, by the highest moral and ethical standards. Leadership is one constant that has resonated throughout our efforts in Iraq since 2003—leadership still makes the difference and still carries the day across Iraq.

Find out more about these topics and get your questions answered by Command Sgt. Maj. Allen. Be sure to check out his bio and note one interesting fact – CSM Allen is graduating from TUI University this month with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.  This further proves how important education and training is no matter how far into your military career.

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