The Golden Knights Take to the Sky

In 1959, nineteen men joined together to form the Strategic Army Corps Sport Parachute Team, to compete in the then communist dominated sport of skydiving. The team performed so well that on June 1, 1961 the Army officially recognized, designated and activated the team as the U.S. Army Parachute Team.

For 50 years the “Golden Knights” have been wowing audiences at air shows, competitions and most recently, with high profile tandems.

The two demonstration teams travel all over the country performing aerial demonstrations at air shows and special events in support of Army recruiting goals.

The two competition teams travel, competing nationally and internationally at various skydiving competitions, continuously bringing home gold, silver and bronze medals. They are the most successful U.S. Department of Defense sports team.

While the Tandem Team focuses on bringing the public closer to the Army and the sport of skydiving.

“The Tandem Team enables the Army to reach out to influential citizens and give them a taste of the professionalism, leadership and teamwork that is involved in giving them a tandem,” said Lt. Colonel Joe Martin, U.S. Army Parachute Team, “Golden Knights.”

The Golden Knights not only perform at air shows, compete on an international level and perform high profile tandems, they also visit high schools and work with local recruiters showing young adults what type of opportunities the Army has for them.

One of the Golden Knight’s most recent jumps was with Medal of Honor recipient, SSG Salvatore Giunta at the All-American Bowl this week.

SSG Joe Jones, from the U.S. Army Parachute Team pitches the drogue as he takes SSG Salvatore Giunta for a 14,000 ft Tandem Skydive over Stinson Airfield, San Antonio Texas. SGM Stephen Young and LTC Joe Martin are seen diving out close behind. Photo by SSG Jared Zell.

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