Boys & Girls Club Learn about Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor recipient, SSG Salvatore Giunta, along with his teammate, SSG Brett Perry, visited the Union League Boys and Girls Club in Chicago Tuesday to speak with the children about the Medal of Honor and their experiences in the U.S. Army. 

Before his visit, the children participated in an educational campaign on the history of the Medal of Honor. They created boards and presentations to display their gratitude for what the Soldiers do.  

Check out a photo slide from the Boys and Girls Club below:

SSG Giunta takes questions from the students at the Union League Boys and Girls Club in Chicago Tuesday.

Students, ages 6-13 are excited to take a group photo with Medal of Honor recipient, SSG Giunta and his teammate, SSG Perry at the Boys and Girls Club on Tuesday.

Students made presentations for SSG Giunta to express their thanks for his service and bravery while serving in the U.S. Army.

To view additional photos of SSG Giunta and in Chicago, visit the Army’s official Flickr site.