Health Promotion & Risk Reduction Campaign

In July 2010, Army released the Health Promotion, Risk Reduction, and Suicide Prevention (HP/RR/SP) Report, the result of a focused 15-month effort to better understand the increasing rate of suicides in the force. This candid report is intended to inform and educate Army leaders on the importance of recognizing and reducing high risk behavior related to suicide and accidental death, and reducing the stigma associated with behavioral health and treatment. This report represents the next phase in the Army’s ongoing campaign to promote resiliency in a force that has been at war for nearly a decade. 

GEN Peter W. Chiarelli, Vice Chief of Staff of the Army, recently issued the Army Campaign Plan for Health Promotion and Risk Reduction and would like to receive your feedback.

Check out GEN Chiarelli’s guest post on the Army’s Combined Arms Center’s Blog and answer the question,

“What are your thoughts on the Army’s Risk Reduction and Suicide Prevention efforts and on the role of leadership?”

Visit the Army’s Official website to read the report and the campaign plan.