A True American Hero

Staff Sgt. Robert J. Miller is a hero.

This is what I will tell my son when he is old enough to learn of our country’s most recent Medal of Honor recipient.

After reading the Medal of Honor citation for Staff Sgt. Miller, listening to President Barack Obama’s remarks and watching the Hall of Heroes induction ceremony today at the Pentagon, it’s impossible to have anything but endless admiration for this amazing Soldier and his tremendous sacrifice.

When describing Staff Sgt. Miller’s character during today’s ceremony, the distinguished guests used words like “intensity,” “passion,” “selflessness” and “persistence,” words often reserved for only the greatest of this country’s heroes.

Today, Staff Sgt. Miller took his rightful place among the other Medal of Honor recipients in the Pentagon’s Hall of Heroes. There simply are no words capable of expressing what this man has given to today’s Soldiers and future generations of American servicemembers.

As Soldiers and as Americans, the memory of Staff Sgt. Miller and his service to this country should never fade from our memories. Ultimately, I know there is very little I can do to show my appreciation and respect for Staff Sgt. Miller and his sacrifice. I do know however that the memory of this Soldier and his story will remain with me each day I wake up and put on my uniform. I will tell his story to friends and family, to Soldiers and veterans and to anyone who asks what drives us as American Soldiers.

Most importantly, I will tell my 3-year-old son of Staff Sgt. Miller with the hope that he grows up understanding the true meaning of heroism, service and sacrifice.

Staff Sgt. Miller embodied the Army Values, he lived the Warrior Ethos and he will forever be remembered as a true American hero. It’s now our job to honor his memory and to continue to tell his story.

Written by SSG Dale Sweetnam, Office of the Chief of Public Affairs (Army), Online and Social Media Division