2010 “Soldier of the Year” Makes History

Sergeant Major of the Army Kenneth O. Preston announced Sgt. Sherri Gallagher as the Soldier of the Year at a ceremony held at the annual Association of the United States Army convention Oct. 25.

This is the first time a female has earned Soldier of the Year since the competition’s inception.

Gallagher, an instructor and marksmanship competitor with the Army, spent nearly a year competing before being honored.  The competition consists of physical training, battle drills, weapons proficiency, medical tasks and detainee operations.

“It was a huge honor,” Gallagher said.  “The competition was amazing, and now I go wherever the Army needs me.”

Cash and prizes come with winning the Soldier of the Year competition.  Gallagher will receive gift cards, an iPad, a laptop, cash and other prizes, all totaling nearly $10,000.

Her goal is to compete in the 2012 Summer Olympics as a marksman, and she knows the trick to accomplishing that objective.

“Keep working,” Gallagher said.  “Complete small goals first, and everything will fall in to place.”

SSG Christopher McDougall was presented the award of Noncommissioned Officer of the Year. To learn more about the winners and the 2010 Best Warrior Competition, visit www.army.mil/bestwarrrior/2010.

U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Christopher M. McDougall of Indianapolis, Ind., representing U.S. Army National Capitol Region, and Sgt. Sherri Gallagher of Prescott, Ariz., representing U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, are awarded the prestigious title of Department of the Army Best Warrior by Sgt. Maj. of the Army Kenneth O. Preston and Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Peter W. Chiarelli in Washington, D.C., Oct. 25.

Submitted by Matthew Hickman, Department of the Army Intern, Online and Social Media Division