National Absentee-Ballot Awareness Week

This week absentee-voter week begins, when the Army and Department of Defense encourage absentee voters to mail their ballots to their respective states.

If voters have not yet received their states’ absentee ballots, they can complete the federal write-in absentee ballot so it can arrive in time to be counted, said Lt. Col Michael Bell, chief of Soldier Programs Branch at the U.S. Army Human Resources Command.

The U.S. Army Voting Assistance Program is a resource created to inform and educate Soldiers and their eligible dependents on their right to vote. The goal is to encourage the Army community to participate in our nation’s voting process and know their vote will be counted no matter where they are stationed. Voting Assistance Officers (VAOs) world-wide, assist in this process to make registration and voting materials available to all eligible Army voters. Yet, it is the responsibility of voters to register, request an absentee ballot and cast their vote.

Visit the U.S. Army’s Official website to check out additional resources available to assist Soldiers and their families in voting this November and every year!