Shoulder to Shoulder-No Soldier Stands Alone


With the release of two new public service announcements, the Army continues to stress the importance of seeking help. Senior leaders continue to stress how critical it is that Soldiers seek help and support when they need it. These same senior leaders have said post traumatic stress is an unseen wound of war – unseen but still treatable.

Our servicemembers deal with a lot, before, during and after deployments. Sometimes it’s even the “little” things that just add up; the increased demands on our servicemembers can make everyday life stressors pile up and seem unmanageable. Keeping and staying mentally fit is just as important and requires just as much work as staying physically fit, and the Army Family is continuing to expand on and strengthen resources designed to help Soldiers do just that. It’s not only OK, but just plain smart, to talk to someone when you’re feeling overwhelmed. No matter what your challenge, there is someone there to help you overcome it.

Slowly, we are seeing more and more Soldiers come forward to talk with their friends, family, battle buddies, chaplains, mental health specialists and other trusted resources about their problems. Coming forward is a sign of strength and courage, and everyone is standing “Shoulder to Shoulder” to get this message across. View below a Suicide Prevention Public Service Announcement from actor and producer, Jack Scalia.   

To learn more about risk reduction and suicide prevention resources and how you can help spread this important message, visit
Remember- No Soldier Stands Alone.