Independence Day greetings from combat

Independence Day is right around the corner so that means more shout-outs and greetings from down range. I spent 13 months in Iraq, and during my tour I sent shout-outs back home to my dad on Father’s Day, to my mom on Mother’s Day, to my son on Christmas and I think I even sent a shout-out to the St. Louis Cardinals once.

The whole shout-out experience is actually pretty funny. Soldiers line up and wait their turn to step in front of the camera. Once they get up there some Soldiers stumble over their words, some forget what they were going to say, some can’t stop laughing and others just freeze.

Staff Sgt. Anaidy G. Claudio, an Army Broadcast Journalist, lines up her camera at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. Army Broadcasters film Soldier holiday shout-outs all around the world. Photo by Sgt. David J. Nunn.

This is a great service provided by Army broadcasters, but not too many people know where to look for these videos. The Digital Video & Imagery Distribution System holds on to thousands of these greetings, so visit this site: and see if you can find your Soldier this Independence Day.