Play It Safe This Summer

Memorial Day marks the beginning of Summer.  Family picnics, vacation and… the inevitable Command Safety message you’ve seen at least 13 times. You know what I’m talking about.  The typical reminders to:

-Not drink and drive

-Wear sunscreen

-Check your smoke detectors to make sure they work properly

-Wear helmets when riding a motorcycle

-Lock up all hazardous chemicals so young children don’t ingest them

-Not tell your friends in Yemen you’re deploying…  

How many times do we scan the reminders and move on to the fun stuff like hoping our commander will invoke the 59 minute rule on a Friday afternoon?

We’d love to see your fresh takes on a memorable safety message!  To help get you in the mood, check out this safety message from the 76th Army Band:

To view additional Army Safety messages visit your own video safety messages you would like to share? Send them to Your message could be featured on the Army’s YouTube page!  

Have a great summer!

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Lisa Lockyear, Public Affairs Specialist, Online and Social Media