I am an Army Brat

I was born in Germany, in 1987, on an Army medical facility, people
still ask me if I’m an American. I have moved more times than most
people can comprehend. I have watched more of my friends drive away,
knowing full well that I will never see them again, than I care to
remember. But I would not trade it for anything.

I have lived in Germany, Arizona, North Carolina, Virginia, Rhode
Island, Florida, Indiana, and now, as an adult, I live in Virginia,
and work in Washington D.C., for the Army that I love, that I
trust…that has truly kept me agile in an ever changing world.

I was always taught that failure is never an option, quitting is
simply not an acceptable way out.

I feel safer when the city I’m in starts with the word Fort, and my
favorite statue is Iron Mike.

Some kids dressed like Power Rangers for Halloween, I dressed like a

Civilians like fighter jets and fast cars… I love C-130s and HMMWVs.

I understand the difference between BDUs, DCUs, and ACUs, and know
what color boots go with each.

I went to 3 high schools in Rhode Island, Florida, and Arizona, most
other kids would have battered, bruised, and broken, I pushed myself
to excel.

I have watched my dad leave to fight the enemy whenever he is needed,
and it has taught me that there are leaders, and there are followers:
soldiers follow orders, so that everyone else can lead normal lives.

I am an Army brat.
I am the son of a Warrior, and my family is a team.
My father serves the people of the United States and we live the Army Values.

I am happy to sacrifice, Mission First!
I was taught to never accept defeat.
I will never quit, it is not in my blood.
I will be there whenever my family needs me.

I am disciplined, taught to adapt and overcome; proficient in
communication and perseverance.
I always understand who I am, and equip myself with skills to overcome.
I am an expert; I will not stand for less.
I stand ready to assist, defend, and protect all that my family unit stands for.
I am the son of a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.
I am an Army Brat.

Submitted by Alexander T. Miller