Military Children at Ft. Bragg “Jump” for Joy

As the U.S. Army continues to celebrate Month of the Military Child, check out this blog post from the Army Golden Knights and read how they honored the Military Children at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. 2blog post 04-13Irwin Middle School Principal, Timothy Howle makes his “tiptoe landing” after a jump with the Army Golden Knights Tandem Team in honor of Month of the Military Child at Ft. Bragg.

The demonstrators teamed up with two members of Tandem Team to put on a very special show for the students at Irwin. As part of the demonstration jump, the Tandem Team took the principal on a tandem jump and landed right in front of his 675 students…which sounded like a crowd of more like 6000 the way they cheered as SFC Mike Elliott brought Principal Howle in for a signature Golden Knight tiptoe landing.

Meanwhile, Black Team did what they do best and wowed the kids with a smoking 8-way formation from 12,000 feet, winding it all up with a meet and greet with the school’s assistant principal and some photo ops with some students.

The show was part of ongoing school activities in honor of the month of April, designated the “Month of the Military Child”. Of the 675 students, roughly 40 percent have one or more parent who is currently deployed. Activities for the month include rallies, games, guest speakers, and visits from VIPs such as the Garrison, 18th Airborne Corps, and USASOC Commanders. The Golden Knights were certainly honored to be a part of it!

blog post 04-13Irwin Middle School Principal, Timothy Howle, gives his cheering students big high-fives after his jump with the Army Golden Knights.

To view more photos of the jump, visit the Army Golden Knight’s blog at

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