Keeping Army Family Strong

In the past few weeks I’ve attended several promotion and retirement ceremonies.  Each ceremony different from each other; one was an ending to a career and the other a beginning. However different, each ceremony had a resonate theme – the Soldier’s gratitude for his or her spouse and family’s support during their military career

Whether it included a full-blown photo slide show played in step to Bette Midler’s “Wind Beneath My Wings,” or a tearful son presenting his father an Army pin, Soldiers recognize they can’t do it alone.

Family members play a significant role in a Soldier’s life by supporting their resilience and well-being. This is why family members now have the opportunity to participate in the Comprehensive Soldier Fitness (CSF) program by taking the Global Assessment Tool (GAT) and self-development modules.

Though not mandatory for family members, it is strongly encouraged for them to participate in the CSF program in conjunction with their Soldier in order to maximize the benefits to the entire family. The online training in the dimensions of strength will enhance and optimize one’s personal resilience as well as one’s relationship with others. These attributes will better prepare them to meet the ambiguous and unpredictable challenges of their personal and professional lives, and help restore balance to the Army and our Army families.

I know my wife Sandy has been the rock behind my Army career. She’s been able to maintain family stability and keep me in check—even when I’m sure she just wanted to slam the door in my face. It hasn’t been easy for her, but she’s been my “House-6” and I definitely wouldn’t be where I’m at without her. Sandy will participate in the CSF and take the GAT. I encourage you to share this with your significant family member—it will only make them stronger.

For more information, or to take the GAT please visit

-MSG B, Army Public Affairs