CSF-Global Assessment Tool

blog post 12-30

For those who have been engaged with the Army’s blog, you have probably seen a number of entries focused on the U.S. Army’s new Comprehensive Soldier Fitness program. This program focuses on five dimensions of strength to enhance performance and build resilience.  

The vision of this program is to create an Army of balanced, healthy, self-confident Soldiers, families and Army civilians whose resilience and total fitness enables them to thrive in an era of high operational tempo and persistent conflict.

The Army is committed to this prevention model for the entire force, enhancing Soldiers resilience and coping skills. This model consists of life-long learning that begins by providing individual assessment through the Global Assessment Tool. The Global Assessment Tool (GAT) provides a person with a baseline in the four dimensions of strength: emotional, social, spiritual and family; and provides an opportunity to track self-development and growth in these areas over time.

The Chief of Staff of the Army is requiring all Soldiers to take the GAT by May 2010. The GAT is currently only available for Soldiers and they must have AKO access to complete the assessment.

Below are a few sample questions from the GAT from each dimension of the program.

Emotional Fitness:

Think of actual situations in which you had the opportunity to do something that was novel or innovative.  How often did you use CREATIVITY or INGENUITY in these situations?

Scale:  0 to 10 with 0 = never and 10 = Always

Social Fitness:

I have someone to talk to when I feel down.

Yes or No

Family Fitness:

How satisfied are you with your family?

Scale:   1-Extremely Dissatisfied   2-Very Dissatisfied  3-Somewhat Dissatisfied   4-Mixed   5-Somewhat Satisfied   6-Very Satisfied   7-Extremely Satisfied   

Spiritual Fitness:

What I do matters to the world.

Scale:   1-Not like me at all   2-A little like me   3-Somewhat like me   4-Mostly like me    5-Very much like me

Physical Health:

I am well-rested.

Never, Sometimes or Always

To learn more about the GAT and Comprehensive Soldier Fitness, check out the site at www.army.mil/csf. Soldiers, if you have already taken the GAT, let us and fellow Soldiers know your thoughts on the process and its’ possible impact.