Army/Navy United-Social Media Style

One wouldn’t think a mule named Ranger and a goat named Bill would be in competition with each other, but what do you know; they are.

blog post 12-17Photo Courtesy: Joshua Wick

This year they got together in the city of Philadelphia, Pa. on a cold December day and fought it out on the field of battle we call football.   

United States Military Academy at West Point and the United States Naval Academy joined each other to play the 110th Army-Navy game in the city of brotherly love. The annual rivalry between the Navy’s Midshipmen and the Army’s Black Knights sadly ended West Point’s 2009 season leaving them at 5-7.

Nevertheless, playing this football game continued the long standing tradition that brings together a rich, classic rivalry and spirit that embodies the dedication of the United States Armed Forces Academies.

Around 11:45 a.m. entering, in their gray overcoats fronted with gold buttons, the Corp of Cadets, the “Long Gray Line”-with sheer and elegant precision-took their place on fields of history as so many have before them. As these men and women marched on they were warmly received with standing ovations and cheers from crowds of spectators as they assembled on the field.

2:30 p.m. rolled around and the game was off and rolling. What was different this year is that the Army had the unique opportunity to engage even more people. Those who couldn’t see it first hand from the field or and even those without television access. This is where the social media sites stepped in. From Facebook updates to Twitter posts and pictures, we had the ability to give play-by-play of the games and events taking place.

Engaging a diverse audience that might not otherwise had the opportunity to see this spectacle of class and football possessed amazing results. This year, there were more than 4700 total interactions on The U.S. Army’s Facebook page with more than 3500 likes and 1000 comments. Despites Army’s loss, our fans came out and showed their support and spirit for the Army Black Knights. The Long Gray Line preformed well, as did their fans.

With Army social media, we will always have a place for our Army Family and fans to remain Army Strong.

Many of these cadets and midshipman will be stationed around the world in months and years to come-and at time in harm’s way. This game is just a simple reminder of their commitment and ours.

So keep showing your support by engaging with the U.S. Army (and the other Armed Forces) on the social media sites.  Go Army, Beat Navy!

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Submitted By Joshua Wick, Army Public Affairs