“It makes us more Resilient Soldiers”

Good afternoon fellow soldiers, I’m Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Wolf, a representative from 6th Recruiting Brigade in Las Vegas, Nevada. I’m a 79R (Recruiter) and my current position is a Master Trainer. I’m currently attending the Master Resilience Training course. This afternoon I will be going over some of the things we have learned over the past 5 days.

Now for the Master Resilience Training course (MRT): The first week was all about learning how to improve ourselves. We learned seven skills that will make us better leaders and stronger Soldiers by building mental toughness. The skills below are the foundation of the MRT course.

ATC: Activating Event, Identify your thoughts and Consequences.

Avoid Thinking Traps: Identify and correct counterproductive patterns in thing through the use of critical questions.

Detect Icebergs: Identify deep beliefs and core values that fuel out of proportion emotion and evaluate the accuracy and usefulness of these beliefs.

Energy Management: Regulate emotions and energy levels to enable critical thinking and optimal performance.

Problem Solving: Accurately identify what caused the problem and identify solutions strategies.

Put it in Perspective: Stop catastrophic thinking.

Real-time Resilience: Shut down counterproductive thinking to enable greater concentration and focus on the task at hand.

We spent several hours in a large classroom being taught each skill. Even though the training that was given outstanding and informative, the size of the room and closeness of the chairs were distracting from the speaker. I didn’t have enough room to take notes. My Velcro was getting stuck with the soldier next to me which pulled my attention away from the speaker.

When we finished with a large group discussion we went to smaller group rooms to reinforce what we learned and do live fire exercises. This was helpful in putting this information into long term memory. The small group time was very constructive and we were able to have one-on-one time with group leaders if we needed it. We also worked with other Soldiers in the class and received feedback on what went right, what went wrong and how we could improve ourselves.

As a Soldier I found myself pondering this week, “Do we really need this training?” We do this type of stuff on a day to day basis as Soldiers. We have counseling/problem solving techniques, and AAR. This information is provided for us in manuals and Field Manuals. I will say yes, we do need this training. The information provided shows us how to build on what we have learned. It makes us more Resilient Soldiers.