“Soldier Generated Content”

vimeo DoDLive

The best way to learn about the Army is from the Soldiers themselves. A new blog called “Iron BDE” from the First Heavy Brigade Combat Team of the 2nd Infantry Division features “Soldier generated content.”

So, what exactly is Soldier generated content? It allows Soldiers of all ranks within the unit the opportunity to videotape, take photographs and document life within the brigade. The blog contains videos of training and ceremonies and has commentary from real Soldiers about what life is like within the Army.

Coming from a background with very little interaction with Soldiers, prior to working for the Army, I found reading blogs like this give me insight into what Soldiers go through. The Soldiers in the videos and photographs are a living example of Army values and it’s clear that they love what they do. As I watch the videos, check out the photos and read the postings, it’s incredible to see and hear about their experiences.  Check out www.ironbde.com to see more videos, photos and stories from Soldiers.

- Nathan Herring, Army Public Affairs