“Apps for the Army” Competition

The U.S. Army is reaching out to increase its technology applications-and they need your help.

Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Sorenson, Army Chief Information Officer/G-6, recently announced an “Apps for the Army” competition for the .mil community. Sorenson seeks to harness the untapped potential of the .mil community and reduce the time it takes to develop new technology for the Army.

“Apps for the Army will help unleash and showcase the creative capabilities of the .mil community while producing applications of real value to the warfighter,” said Sorenson.

The goal of the competition is to empower the Army community and others to develop new applications all while giving that same community the ability to rate and test the utility of the applications themselves.

Further details regarding the process and collaboration methods will be released by the end of September. So for all you technology savvy .mil folks, keep on the lookout for more information about how your application could be the next big hit for the U.S. Army.