Taking Care of Business

Soldiers are trained to expect the unexpected. Army training prepares our men and women in uniform for the myriad of situations they’ll encounter on the battlefield. Now the Army is helping better prepare not just our Soldiers, but also their families, for the worst.

The “Taking Care of Business” program is a specially designed program, consisting of training videos, checklists and preparedness documents, all designed to help Soldiers prepare for the possibility that they’ll get injured, or won’t come home. The U.S. Army’s Soldiers, largely young and with a feeling of invincibility, too often have neglected to take on the tough conversation of what their family should do if they’re wounded or killed in action.

Because it’s tough, the Taking Care of Business materials are all about making those conversations easier. The Personal Readiness Checklist is an easy to read two-page document that highlights the key conversations, meetings, and legal documents a Soldier needs to be aware of before he or she deploys.

If you’re a Soldier, family member, or anyone with a connection one of our brave men and women in uniform, check out the following video. If you’re a Soldier who’d like further information or help locating the nearest legal assistance office, visit https://www.jagcnet.army.mil/legal.

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