A Welcoming Like None Other!


After becoming wounded in combat, Soldiers are rushed back to the states in order for them to begin the treatment they need to get well. In route to long term care, the men and women are initially brought to one of three Medical Evacuation Centers in the states-one of those centers being at Andrews Air Fort Base in Maryland.

Military personnel at the centers are dedicated to making the warriors’ first trip back to the states as smooth as possible. They understand what these soldiers are experiencing and take pride in helping one of their very own.

When soldiers arrive back to the states, they have many questions. Questions about their benefits, finances,  pay and most importantly-their families. It is the job of the dedicated staff of these centers to provide Soldiers with the information they need so that they can focus on their full recovery.

And although members of the teams come from different military services there is only one unified goal. “This is where the distintions between services end, says Master Sgt. Juan Reyna, Medical Team NCOIC. All that steps aside and we take care of that warrior.”