Happy 234th Birthday U.S. Army

The U.S. Army will be celebrating its 234th Birthday this year – and we don’t look a day past 200! As a part of the “esprit de corps” of our military, celebrating our birthday each year as become one of our favorite traditions.

You may have noticed that our branding on our various social networking sites, from www.facebook.com/usarmy; www.twitter.com/usarmy; and www.youtube.com/soldiersmediacenter have all been dressed up in honor of our birthday. We’ve even launched a new You Tube channel, specifically to host Army Birthday video messages, including a number of messages from members of congress. If you have an Army Birthday message you’d like to submit, please visit www.youtube.com/usarmybirthday.

To submit a video to the Army Birthday channel, upload the video to You Tube and send us the link, either as a message on our You Tube channel, in video response, or via e-mail to lindy.kyzer@us.army.mil.

And enjoy this Army Birthday message from Sergeant Major of the Army Kenneth Preston.

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