Happy 234th Birthday, U.S. Army!

Happy Birthday U.S. Army, and Happy Flag Day! Wave your flags high and say a special “thank you” to our brave men and women who are serving or who have served in our United States Army!

Check out our Army Birthday web site at www.army.mil/birthday for the latest news and information on Army birthday events and activities taking place across the globe.

And in Sunday morning tradition, check out this Army birthday update from our friends with the 3rd Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) Joint Base Balad, Iraq:

Well a good Sunday morning to you and….Happy 234th Birthday to the US Army from a hot and dusty Balad, Iraq and your friends in the 3d ESC. Now you got your dust storm and you got your “dust fog” which is what wehave going on here today. No real side effects to speak of other than a little dirt in your US Army Birthday cake!

Even though it is Flag Day – our focus here was to take time out this morning to celebrate and honor the Army’s 234th Birthday. We started off with a 5K run followed by a very “healthy” Army Birthday Cake and
doughnut-spread. It was nice that even in a war-zone we could take a time out to pause and remember those that came before us and reflect on birthday’s past.

So today I beg your indulgence to reflect one particular Army Birthday-past. June 14, 1944. On that Army Birthday, Soldiers of the Army’s 27th Infantry Division along with two Marine Divisions floated off the shore of a previously unknown Pacific Island called Saipan. They probably don’t mention Saipan in schools nowadays. They should. The Soldiers were all probably sick – either from the seas or from the nerves most assuredly churning in their stomachs. They were human after all. Many of them fighting the fear of the unknown that probably dogged their thoughts. Within a matter of hours they would land and add their solemn contributions to our Army’s heritage. Those off-shore were undoubtedly dreaming of returning to their Families and homes on some bright and sunny future day. Most did not expect to pay the ultimate
sacrifice. Many were destined to. One regiment, New York’s-own 105th Infantry of World War I fame, paid dearly. In two battalions-alone the price was 650 men. No fanfare or flags – bunting or cake marked this
birthday. Only courage, selfless service and sacrifice. These are the Birthdays-past that are often forgotten – but routinely punctuate our Army’s history and legacy. It is for this day in 1944 and hundreds like it that we pause today and celebrate – to reflect – to honor your United States Army.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and here’s what’s on-tap this week….

Highlights from this week’s Expeditionary Times include:
-Kansas Sustainers reach out to Bedouin families-……
-Maryland Reservists celebrate Year of the NCO-…..
-Indiana Guardsmen fight complacency – and win-…..
-Germany-based transporters on-cal 24-7-…..
-Hey! Don’t throw that away dummy – DRMO saves money…..
-Knights improve their foxhole in Northern Iraq-…
-AND MUCH MUCH MORE in Sustainer News!

If you haven’t checked out our new website – you’re missing out!!!!!! www.army.mil/3rdesc

-Maj. Paul Hayes, 3rd ESC